What Will They Learn?®

What Will They Learn?® evaluates over 1,100 general education programs annually so that high school counselors, students, and parents know, in advance, which institutions offer rigorous liberal arts-oriented general education programs.

We aim to encourage institutions to strengthen their general education requirements so that students graduate better prepared for the workforce, ready to partic­ipate in their communities as informed citizens, and acquainted with our cultural and intellectual inheritance. We also work to educate families, high school counselors, and educators about the impor­tance of students selecting colleges or universities with a strong core curriculum.

Reasoned debate and free inquiry are the cornerstone of a quality collegiate education. That is why we work to spotlight universities that have adopted the Chicago Principles on Freedom of Expression as well as academic programs that foster intellectual community in pursuit of liberal learning and a free and open marketplace of ideas.


VIRTUE is the flagship publication of the Great Hearts Institute. It shares outstanding scholarship and first-hand stories from leaders, teachers, and students of classical education—all to inspire the continued pursuit of truth, goodness, and beauty.

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